puppet parade "PUPPET PARADE" A colourful, fast moving puppet variety show with a host of glamorous half life size trick marionettes. "PUPPET PARADE" established "Presto Puppets" as a truly international Company, the show being acclaimed by American, French, German, Italian and Dutch audiences. Very much a family show, "PUPPET PARADE" has been featured on television, and presented in top theatres and in variety programmes supporting the Star names of the entertainment world. A programme especially designed for schools links "PUPPET PARADE" with a demonstration of puppet manipulation and manufacture, covering many aspects of C.D.T.. This format has been recognised by many education Authorities to be a valuable introduction to live Theatre. "Presto Puppets" educational team currently tour to over 200 schools per year. The Company's objectives are to present well polished, professional productions with emphasis on skill of manipulation and great attention to costume design.
Technical Requirements:
Performance time 27 minutes
Area - ideally 3 metres x 4 metres but adaptable
Ceiling height of 3.5 metres
An electricity supply of at least 13amps
Blackout preferable
Set up time of l hour