aesop fables

Aesop's Fables

Another sparkling production from Britain's leading touring puppetmasters. In a make-believe land where humans are clowns and animals tell stories, Presto Puppet Theatre weave the fantasy inspired by the well-loved Greek slave Aesop.
The scene is set in a beautiful woodland glade where the animals of the forest gather together to amuse each other. Rather than use long complicated tales, the animals create a modern day revue with the emphasis on humour rather than deap-seated morals.

All the old favourites are there; The Wicked Wolf constantly strives for his tender portion of rather precocious Welsh Lamb and the Vain Jackdaw enters the "Feather World Contest" in the hope of becoming Miss Glamour Bird - with rather hilarious results.

The sets and the puppets are amongst the largest used by any Puppet Theatre in Britain today, some of the characters being almost 1.5 metres tall and their performing area covering 45 square metres.

The forty minute show can be accompanied by a demonstration of puppet making and manipulation to give a programme lasting approximately one hour. For schools' performances, details of the fables used in the production are available for teachers to arrange preparatory work

Ground floor performing area of 6.5mtrs x 6.5 mtrs
Electricity supply
Blackout preferable
Set up time of one hour